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EXCLUSIVE - Shelby's Sidecar Tours T-Shirts

Based in Sydney Australia, the guys at Shelby's have a fleet of classic sidecars they use to show tourists and locals the sights of Sydney. They've given us the exclusive to sell their new range of T-Shirts for men, women and Kids. They've told us Base Ball Caps, Long sleeve T's and Hoodies are coming soon.

visit Shelby's Sidecar Tours website

Choose your logo

Choose from the original Oval Logo or the Classic Logo . Each logo can be printed either Black or Cream on around 20 different coloured T-Shirts.


The Oval Logo

The Oval Logo is the original logo painted on the sidecars cruising around Sydney


The Classic Logo

The Classic Logo is preferred by most international visitors to Sydney because it Includes the words 'Sydney Australia' 

Choose from Mens, Womens or Kids

We have three styles of T-Shirts available. Mens T-Shirts, Womens Tees or Kids T-Shirts.


Mens T-Shirts

The Mens T-Shirts have a larger logo and are looser fitting


Womens Tees

The Womens Tees have a shorter sleeve, tighter shaped fit and smaller logo.


Kids T-Shirts

The Kids T-Shirts have a larger logo and come in a range of bright colours

Choose your Colour Combination

Once you've decided which logo you prefer you need to pick to have it printed Black or Cream in colour. To help you make up your mind click on any of the T-Shirts below to see how they look on the various coloured T-Shirts.